Initiation of ITC and Wild Grape Wine Asso in collaboration

with Industry Office, Dr. Fidero KUOK—Head of Department, Dr. Hasika MITH—Head of AIE Master Program, and Mr. Porsry UNG—lecturer, visited the wild grape wine production in Pursat province. Mr. Vireak NOU, Director of Wild Grapes Wine Association (WGA), warmly welcomed the ITC Team and presented his wine production. This WGA is located in Tbeng Chrum Village, Tnot Chum Commune, Krokor district, Pursat Province, Cambodia. 

This visit aimed to understand the general aspect and the process of wild grape wine production from the raw material to final product, in particular, to share experience on the wine quality and production safety. Moreover, wild grapes have been taken for the analysis in ITC laboratory to investigate and control the wine quality with different parameters in every step of fermentation. The wild grapes plant species need to be studied to get more information on its scientific application together with the specific yeast strain used for this production.

Figure 1. Discussion between ITC representative and Director of WGA

Figure 2. Wild grape plant and fruit

Figure 3. Wild Grape Association

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