First Step toward Collaboration between ITC and GERES

had extended ITC collaboration with GERES Cambodia. Following the welcome remark from Mr. MONCEAUX Guillaume, G-BEL Manager of GERES and Ms. SOK Vong Reaksmey, General Manager of GERES Cambodia, Dr. Seingheng has introduced the research activities at ITC, e.g., Food Fermentation, Wastewater Treatment, Solid Waste Management, Arsenic Removal, and Air Quality. At the same time, ITC Team has also visited air monitoring sampler for PM 2.5, various stove for biomass combustion, Biomass press control machine, Calorimetric thermometer, etc. According to Mr. Monceaux, GERES Cambodia would like to partner with Chemical Engineering and Food Technology Department in term of building/nurturing the human resource, sharing experiences, and also transferring technology on air monitoring control, air pollutants and its emission control.

Figure 1. Dr. Seingheng visited GERES Laboratory.

Figure 2. Mr. MONCEAUX Guillaume introduced Air Monitoring System.

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