Join the 21th AUN/Seed-Net Steering Committee

The experiences could be issues, difficulties, proposal and challenges. The Seed-Net/JICA takes also this opportunity to express the new addressing policies or to listen to the proposal from the MIs.

II. Main Activities and Outputs of the Mission

In the meeting, the SEED-Net Secretariat explained the annual report of JFY2013 and the progress report of JFY2014 as well as the major issues including strengthening linkages between regional conference and ASEAN Engineering Journal, capacity building for academic staff, and achievement of university-industry collaboration. Participants had lively discussion on current situation of and solution to each issue. They also exchanged views on the Future Plan beyond Phase 3

Specifically, outputs of the meeting could be:

• Hand on chair of steering committee from National University of Laos to University Putra Malaysia.

• New policy of Seed-Net on Financial issue were brought for discussion.

• The sustainability of the project were also discussed with the results that further discussion is needed.

Photo 1. Photo session of participants


Photo 2. Member representatives from 26 MIs and JICA staffs

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