International student mobility

The Institute of technology of Cambodia has established the office of International student affairs to provide assistance to international students who wish to pursue their graduate studies and training/research at the Institute of technology of Cambodia. ITC welcomes International students from over 20 countries around the world and about 30 students/trainees study in ITC each year.

Due to the close collaboration with universities and some partners in France ITC receives more French students/trainees and researchers every year in short term and medium term studies. Eighty percent of French student number is enrolled into exchange program from third year in engineering. An exchange program allows students to spend one semester (agreement between home and host universities) at ITC while taking course also visiting institution partners of ITC.

Foreign students can apply in exchange program in engineering, join program research, training and master degree in English language. The students also need to satisfy the minimum requirements can include a minimum GPA or a specified level of proficiency of ITC.

ITC provide assistance to international students as follows:

  • Visa during stay in host country (term and condition applied)
  • International advisor for incoming student
  • Help to find accommodation
  • Extra admission requirements
  • Local language class (term and condition applied)
  • Access to international student center during academic year (Wi-Fi, working room, Lab)
  • Visit institution/company partners of ITC
  • Exchange class with local students
  • Field trip