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Welcome to Department of Transport and Infrastructure Engineering (D-TIE)!

Department of Transport and Infrastructure Engineering

Transport sector plays an indispensable role in economical development in a society. Transport sector includes the movements of people and goods, both locally and globally. Transport and Infrastructure Engineering covers land transport (highway and railway), water transport, and air transport. A better transport system may mean a more developed country!

However, human resource with transport related skills remains quite limited to support the development in Cambodia towards a more sustainable society.

Therefore, D-TIE program is a new program in Cambodia and is created at very first time at Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) to respond to the increasing demand for human resources in transport and logistic industries. D-TIE is aimed to produce qualified engineers in the fields of transport (transportation and logistics) and infrastructures (design, construction, maintenance, auscultation and reparation of many types of infrastructures).


D-TIE is a 5-year engineering program.

Students who passed the ITC entrance exam will spend their first 2-year in the

foundation years, known as Tronc Commun. At Tronc Commun, students will study general courses including math, physics, chemistry, introduction to programming, introduction to technical drawing, English, French, introduction to marketing, introduction to management, philosophy, Khmer history and administration.


Starting from the third year, students will select their preferable major/department at Faculty of Civil Engineering; and take courses based on their major. If you select D-TIE program, you will study engineering courses related to civil, infrastructure, transport, and logistics.

Courses and Study Fields

The fields of study (coursework) can be categorized into different groups as the following:

  1. Languages (2 subjects) : (1) French, (2) English
  2. Fundamentals of Civil Engineering (14 subjects) : (1) Construction Materials, (2) Strength of Materials I and II, (3) Topography, (4) Geology, (5) Structural Analysis for Construction I and II, (6) Reinforced Concrete, (7) Steel Design and Construction, (8) Soil Mechanics I and II, (9) Prestressed Concrete, (10) Underground Structure, (11) Highway Design I and II, (12) Bridge Design, (13) Railways, (14) Port
  3.  Tools for Mathematical and Scientific Engineering (4 subjects): (1) D.A.O. 1 – AutoCAD, (2) D.A.O 2 – Civil 3D, (3) Statistics, (4) Calculation of Structures – Plaxis 2D
  4. Project Management (2 subjects): (1) Site Management, (2) Planning
  5. Transport and Logistics Methods (9 subjects) : (1) Fundamental Notions of Logistics, (2) Choice of Transport Infrastructure and Sustainability, (3) Transport Engineering, (4) Traffic Management and Modeling, (5) Cross-Border and Road Transport, (6) Transport System of Freights and Travelers, (7) Management of Supply Chains and Transport System, (8) Management of Stocks and Supplies, (9) Air Transport
  6. Environment and Sustanable Development (3 subjects): (1) Hydrology, (2) Life Cycle Analysis, (3) Urban Drainage System
  7. Economic and Legislative Aspects of Projects (4 subjects): (1) Transport Economies, (2) Market, (3) Cost and Quantity Estimation, (4) Construction Laws
  8. Compulsory Internship (2 internships): (1) Internship at End of Year 3 (2) Internship at Final Year 5.
 Curriculum of D-TIE  
  • Study duration of 5 years (2 years in Tronc Commun + 3 years in D-TIE)
  • Total of 40 courses (About 380 hours per semester) and 2 internships
  • Possible exchange program with partner universities in France, Thailand, Japan, etc.
  • From 3rd year, you will study the courses below :
Courses Credit
In French In English
1 Anglais English 1
2 Français French 2
3 D.A.O. 1 (AutoCAD) C.A.D. 1 (AutoCAD) 2
4 Résistance des matériaux 1 Strength of materials 1 2
5 Statistiques Statistics 2
6 Topographie Surveying 3
7 Choix des infrastructures de transport et durabilité Choice of transport infrastructures and sustainability 1
8 Analyse du cycle de vie Life cycle analysis 1
9 Economie des transports Transport economies 1
10 Notions logistiques fondamentales Fundamental notions of logistics 1
  1 Anglais English 2
2 Français French 1
3 Géologie Geology 1
4 Hydrologie Hydrology 2
5 Matériaux de construction (béton) Construction materials (concrete) 1.5
6 Résistance des matériaux 2 Strength of materials 2 2
7 Ingénierie du transport Transport engineering 2
8 Gestion et modélisation du trafic Traffic management and modelling 2
9 Systèmes de transport de marchandises et de voyageurs Transport systems of freights and travelers 1.5
10 Transfrontalier et transport routier Cross-border and road transport 1.5
11 Gestion de la chaîne logistique et des systèmes de transport Management of supply chains and transport systems 1.5
12 Stage de fin I3 Final year internship 2
1 Anglais English 1
2 Français French 1
3 Analyse des structures pour les BTP 1 Structural analysis for construction and public works 1 2
4 Béton armé Reinforced concrete 3
5 Construction métallique Steel design and construction 2
6 Mécanique des sols 1 Soil mechanics 1 3
7 Routes 1 Road design 1 3
8 Système de drainage urbain Urban drainage system 2
9 Transport aérien Air transport 2
1 Anglais English 1
2 Français French 1
3 Analyse des structures pour les BTP 2 Structural analysis for construction and public works 2 2
4 Béton précontraint Prestressed concrete 2
5 Mécanique des sols 2 Soil mechanics 2 2
6 Routes 2 Road design 2 2
7 Gestion de chantier Site management 2
8 D.A.O. 2 (Civil 3D) C.A.D. 2 (Civil 3D) 1
9 Ports maritimes Marin ports 2
10 Gestion des stocks et des approvisionnements Management of stocks and supplies 1.5
1 Anglais English 1
2 Français French 1
3 Calcul des structures (Plaxis 2D) Calculation of structures (Plaxis 2D) 2
4 Droits Laws 2
5 Marchés Marketing 1
6 Etude de prix Cost and quantity estimation 2
7 Planification Planning 1.5
8 Ponts Bridge design 4
9 Voies ferrées Railways 2
10 Conception des ouvrages souterrains Underground structures 2
1 Projet de fin des études Final year internship 9
Total Credits 99


Resources for D-TIE

Below gives summary of human and equipment resources to support D-TIE program at ITC:

  • Several experienced & high educated lecturers from ITC, partner Universities and experts.
  • Transport Laboratory for testing soil, rock, cement, concrete, steel, asphalt bitumen, etc.
  • Equipment/Tools for conducting transport study and research (e.g., Air Pollutant Measuring Machine, GNSS, LIDAR, GPS, PTV VISSIM, SPSS)
  • Many learning and research documents such as Books, Theses, Papers, Reports, etc.

Possible Working Places

  • Government official at Phnom Penh City Hall, Ministry of Public Works and Transports, Ministry of Land Management, Urban Planning and Construction, Ministry of Rural Development, etc.
  • Private companies including construction companies, consultant companies, etc.
  • National and International Institutions/NGOs (e.g., ADB, WB, JICA, UNDP)
  • Transport and logistic companies (e.g., trucking company, logistic association)
  • Academic institution as lecturers and researchers.
  • Own business (e.g., Self-employed).

To support the study/research activities in Transport and Infrastructure Engineering fields, we have established a Transport Study Unit (TSU). TSU is a study unit, a working team, and a research group. TSU has been supporting the government in improving the traffic congestion along Russian Blvd, especially the redesign of Kdan Pir Intersection, Neakvoan Intersection, etc. TSU members also join several research projects including LBE research project. To this end, TSU members can learn from actual study/research projects, involving themselves in a more practical working tasks and experiences. Often, TSU seniors will support their TSU juniors—a seniority system is applied, so that new TSU members always have their senior guidance throughout the academic year. Join us now at TSU!

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