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Skills for Competitiveness Project (S4C)

  • Project Name: Skills for Competitiveness Project (S4C)
  • Project Duration: 2019 – 2025
  • Budget for ITC: about 11M USD
  • Funding Sources: ADB, AFD and RGC
  • Status: in progress
  • Project manager: HE. Dr. Om Romny, Director of ITC
  • Sub project manager: Dr. PO Kimtho, Deputy director of ITC
  • Project coordinator: Dr. Bun Long, Vice dean
  • Project outputs:
    • Output 1: Quality and relevance of post-secondary TVET improved
      • Output 1a: Upgrading facilities at selected TTIs
      • Output 1b: Providing training equipment
      • Output 1c: Introducing merit-based stipend for diploma level Students
      • Output 1.d: Developing industry-relevant diploma programs
      • Output 1e: Strengthening trainers’ capacity and expanding the Return to Industry Scheme
    • Output 2: Work-based Learning with industry partnerships promoted
      • Output 2a: Strengthening ILUs of selected TTIs
      • Output 2b: Developing capacity of TTIs staff for WBL
      • Output 2c: Strengthening private sector participation
    • Summary of Activities at ITC
      • Construct 2 buildings in Phnom Penh
      • Renovate 1 building
      • Equip laboratory equipment for 6 associated degree programs on civil engineering, manufacturing-machining, manufacturing-mechatronics, manufacturing-agro industry, electricity and electronic
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