International Engineering Program

Information of international engineering programs

The international engineering program at ITC is uniquely formed. It is a 5-year engineer’s degree program and equivalent to a master’s degree of engineering (M1) in cooperation with international partner universities in France, Australia, the EU, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia. The international programs are multidisciplinary with 6 undergraduate majors in engineering, namely “Construction Management and Infrastructure Engineering”, “Software Engineering”, “Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Cybersecurity”, “Sustainable Engineering and Business”, “Electronics and Smart Automation System” and “Materials Science and Engineering” Systems students can choose.  

Students with satisfactory results in the 1st Year of Foundation Studies are eligible for admission to a range of undergraduate courses offered at any Curtin Campus (Malaysia and Australia). Students also have the opportunity to take the overseas double degrees/study exchange with international university partners.

In addition, the programs adapt the 21st Century Skills, Adaptive Learning System, Project-Based Learning and include personal and professional development modules students in every semester for students to obtain good skills. Students have a good opportunity to take an internship every year with companies and industrial partners. The medium of instruction is in English. The admission process is open from October to December. Students must take the entrance exam and have English proficiency of at least IELTS:4.5 or TOFLE iBT:60 or equivalent certificate.

  • A 5-year new curriculum
  • A 6 International engineering program:
  1. Construction Management and Infrastructure Engineering (Brochure=> page 1page 2)
  2. Software Engineering ( Brochure)
  3. Artificial Intelligence Engineering and Cybersecurity ( Brochure=> page 1page 2)
  4. Sustainable Engineering and Business ( Brochure, page 1page 2)
  5. Electronics and Smart Automation System ( Brochure=> page 1page 2)
  6. Materials Science and Engineering ( Brochure=> page 1page 2)

Why international engineering program at ITC?

  • Oversea double degrees/oversea study exchange with international universities partner in Australia, France, EU, Malaysia, Thailand, and Indonesia
  • Multidisciplinary, innovative & practical approach with innovation projects and internships
  • International exposure with a multicultural environment and academic exchanges opportunities at international partner universities.
  • Programs adapt the 21st Century Skills, Adaptive Learning System, Project-Based Learning, and internship with companies and industrial partners
  • Program equipped with great learning environment including teaching staff, class room and lab facilities, student club, weekly seminar with industry partners and internship.

Tuition Fees: 2,500USD per year

The application procedures

  1. Fill out the application form
  2. Pay the registration fee for entrance exam (30USD)
  3. Take the entrance exam at ITC: Math, Physics & Chemistry and Logic
  4. Pay tuition fee (2,500USD)
  5. Start foundation year

Program Requirement:

  1. English proficiency: Candidates must meet at least one of following criteria:
    • IELTS≥4.5,
    • TOFLE iBT≥60
    • Other English proficiency equivalent certificate
  2. Candidates must have Bac II or equivalent certificate

Application date: 2nd Oct-18th Dec 2023

Admission officeRoom B117, Building B,Institute of Technology of Cambodia

Online registration


Merit-based scholarships are awarded as follows:

  • 10% of the enrollments get 70% scholarship
  • 15% of the enrollments get 50% scholarship
  • 15% of the enrollments get 30% scholarship