Oversea Mission of ITC Staff Training on Learning Outcome Development and M-AIE Curriculum Improvement under Partnership Program with Kasetsart University (HEPP-HEIP)

The partnership agreement is made on 19 November 2022 and enter into by and between Institute of Technology of Cambodia (ITC) and Kasetsart University (KU), Thailand on the improving teaching and learning at graduate levels in Ago-Industry and enhancing research capacity of ITC researchers in the field of Food Technology and Nutrition of Higher Education Improvement Project (HEIP).

Based on the agreed activities plan in 2022, 1st overseas mission was carried out to KU, Bangkok, Thailand from 12 to 15 June 2022 and leaded by Dr. TY Boreborey, Head Master of Agro-industrial Engineering (M-AIE); Dr. KHEOUN Kimleang, Vice-head of GCA, and Dr. EAK Pichmony, vice director of graduate school.

From 13 June 2022 to 14 June 2022, ITC team joint training workshop with KU team (1. Assoc. Prof. Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj, 2. Assoc. Prof. Sasitorn TONGCHITPAKDEE, 3. Mr. Thanabodee, 4. Ms. Jariya Kamsalee) on “Discussion on detail activities plan and the possibility schedule for next events, and then joint another workshop on learning outcome development leaded by Assoc. Prof. Nuanwan Soonthornphisaj”. During this mission, the next activities plan and schedule were fixed with KU. PEO and PLO of M-AIE program were defined and finalized concretely. Three courses of M-AIE are selected for CLO development and applied the assessment method.