Research Dissemination in the 4th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICCEE 2022), Bali, Indonesia

Component 2: Improving Research in STEM and Agriculture

Higher Education Improvement Project

HEIP-ITC-SGA#14 entitled “Quality Assurance of Concrete Pile Integrity and Soil Properties Investigation Using Seismic and Electrical Resistivity Tomography Approaches” is a sub-research project in Component 2: Improving Research in STEM and Agriculture, Higher Education Improvement Project (Credit No. 6221-KH) granted by the Royal Government of Cambodia. HEIP-ITC-SGA#14 aims at establishing and developing geophysical methods for civil engineering in Cambodia at ITC.

The 4th International Conference on Civil and Environmental Engineering (ICCEE 2022) was held at the Patra Bali Resort & Villas, Bali, Indonesia, August 4-5, 2022. The ICCEE’22 is a peer-reviewed international conference that provides a forum for the exchange of the latest technical information, the dissemination of the high-quality research result, the presentation of the new developments in the area, the discussion, and shaping of future directions and priorities. At the conference, 141 papers from 11 different countries were presented and will be submitted for inclusion in IOP Publishing indexed in Scopus Database.

During the conference, Mr. LY Chungyean presented his research findings co-authored by Dr. ENG Chandoeun, Dr. YOS Phanny and Mr. HENG Muoy Yi with the paper entitled “Concrete Pile Defect Identification: Insights from Cross-Hole Sonic Logging and High Strain Dynamic Pile Test.” This research paper aims to identify the types of defects, location of defects, size of defects, and capacity of five concrete piles in Phnom Penh City using a high strain dynamic pile test and cross-hole sonic logging test in the purpose of minimizing problem of concrete piles. The economical method is also used for repairation concept. The sub-research project (HEIP-ITC-SGA#14) was also introduced to all participants in the parallel session of the conference. Moreover, the expertise of the Farid Sitepu, Yasuhiro Arai, Universitas Hasanuddin, Indonesia, and the Tokyo Metropolitan University, Japan, triggered the most effective methods of the sub-research project on under-ground improvement technic in civil engineering and as well as the other researchers.

The objectives of research dissemination are to:

  • Present and publish the research findings as a peer-reviewed paper in the conference proceeding and IOP Publishing indexed in Scopus Database
  • Create global networks of academics and specialists
  • Discuss current technical discoveries and accomplishments.