Mobility under Erasmus+

ITC has been increasingly partnered with many international universities. There are different activities and programs that encourage faculties to collaborate with international partners. For instance, ITC, among many universities, is a recipient of Erasmus+ fellowship program for faculty mobility. Recently, Dr. SRANG Sarot and Mr. SOK Piseth, faculties of Industrial and Mechanical Engineering Department, were granted to join the mobility program to visit a university in France to conduct and participate in various academic activities. The follows are their impressions from joining the mobility program.

Dr. SRANG Sarot

“It was a great time during my visit at ECAM LaSalle in Lyon from 11th to 15th April 2022. I very much appreciated the arrangement by the university, which was very effective in terms of timing and corresponding activities. Firstly, I really enjoyed my 2-hour guest lecture to master students in the field of Robotics and IT as this was my first time to give lecture in other country. Secondly, I had participated in several activities which enlightened me of things that I would not easily have opportunity to learn. For example, I had had meetings with the administrative team to discuss various measures in order to run an international master degree program smoothly. I had visited a lab where I could learn another way of conducting practical session which is very likely useful for myself and for some colleagues of mines at my home university to follow. Another important activity was a visit to a robotic company where students participated in practical activity as part of their corresponding class. I also learned some key points of making and repairing a commercial robot arm, which have been unanswered inquiries of mines for a long time, and I may not have had the same opportunity to learn elsewhere. More importantly, I could see the value of collaborating with a company that students can fruitfully learn many things within practical aspect. Lastly, I was very impressed with the infrastructure arrangement in the university such as fabrication laboratory, center for high-tech manufacturing, and business incubator. These form a modern ecosystem to support the processes of products from lab-to-market. I wish such ecosystem to exist in my home university too.

I am thankful to Erasmus+ for creating such opportunity, and ECAM LaSalle for selecting me to join the mobility program and arranging activities for me. I hope there are more of such programs and very much encourage other faculties to participate”

Mr. SOK Piseth

“I have joined ECAM Engineering in Cambodia during the last year as a lecturer of personal and professional development subject. At ECAM Engineering in Cambodia, there are many opportunities of mobilities for students and opportunities of visiting, experiences exchange, and professional development activities for lecturers. As an example, this year I got the opportunity to visit ECAM LaSalle at Lyon. During my visit to ECAM LaSalle, I participated in scheduled activities which were to build my new experiences. I had an exchange workshop with ECAM LaSalle students that builds my experiences of running a workshop with international students. I joined classes conducted by ECAM LaSalle lecturers; so, I could observe and learn different ways to monitor classes more efficiently. I also visited ECAM LaSalle facilities and campus; this gives me knowledge how they manage and run the international program. Finally, I had a visit to 4 Cambodian exchange students; they shared a lot of challenges and great experiences at ECAM LaSalle.

I am thankful to ECAM LaSalle, and Erasmus+ for making exchange programs available for both students and staff. From those programs, students and staff could build new experiences of learning and working.

Join ECAM Engineering program in Cambodia, you will get the next opportunity”