Training a new generation of entrepreneurs in sustainable agriculture and food engineering (F-STEM)

FoodSTEM is an EU co-funded project by Erasmus + Capacity Building in the field of Higher Education Program designed to build partnership between Cambodian and European universities. With the support of 3 European HEIs, FoodSTEM project aims at building the capacity of 4 major public universities in Cambodia in order to create a new generation of food chain entrepreneurs, with a strong emphasis on safety, quality and sustainability. FoodSTEM has organized.
FoodSTEM 5th Steering Committee Meeting was held at Liège University (face to face and online), Belgium from 4 to 8th July 2022. Dr. IN Sokneang and Dr. Hor Sivmey from ITC and other partners from NUBB, RUA, RULE and 3 European HEIs (Sup-Agro Montpelier, Liège University and INP Toulouse) actively joined the meeting with a fruitful discussion on the project progress, challenge and next activities.
Objectives of the seminar:

  • Progress of activities and planning for 2022
  • Welcome of Luna Aubrée (RULE)
  • WP2: E-learning course development, workshops between partners: “food safety” and “food storage and stabilization”
  • WP3: Presentation and discussion about the new pathway program at “RULE”
  • WP4: Agri-food challenge + organization of the training of Cambodian technicians in France
  • WP5: Equipment received by each partner and training realized in May
  • WP8: Communication actions by partners