Summer School On “Risk Management and Stochastic Calculus with Applications

ENSIIE and IMT are French public academic institutions dedicated to Higher Education and Research for Innovation in the fields of applied mathematics, engineering and digital technology, and Data Science. ENSIIE-IMT is one of international partner universities under higher education partnership program of Higher Education Institution Project (HEIP) in order to improve the higher education teaching-learning capacity at ITC to reach both regional and international standard. The partnership program between ITC and IMT had reached at the agreement since 8th December 2020. The object of the Partnership between ITC, IMT, and ENSIIE is to carry out the activities as delineated in the HEIP for promoting STEM education and research activities in the field of Applied Mathematics and Data Science.
Based on the agreed activities plan in 2022 on the building up of staff capacity, three MIT professors comprise of Prof. Vathana LY VATH, Prof. Simone SCOTTI and Prof. Giacomo TOSCANO was invited to ITC from 28th July 2022 to 3rd August 2022 to provide Summer School on “Risk Management and Stochastic Calculus with Applications” to lecturers in the Department of Applied Mathematics and Statistics (AMS) and to selected students.
The objectives of the mission to ITC are:

  • To upskill the capacity of AMS staff and lecturers via summer school on “Risk Management and Stochastic Calculus and Applications”.
  • To improve the capability of AMS staff on teaching methodology.
  • To develop the course syllabus and contents for providing new courses at ITC.