Course Content and Syllabi Development, and Academic Exchange for Master of Mechatronics, Information and Communication Engineering at IMT Mines Alès, France

Institut Mines-Télécom (IMT) Mines Ales is one of international partner universities under higher education partnership program of Higher Education Institution Project (HEIP) in order to improve the higher education teaching-learning capacity at ITC to reach both regional and international standard. The partnership program between ITC and IMT Mines Ales had reached at the agreement since 12 August 2020.

Based on the agreed activities plan in 2022 on the building up of staff capacity, four ITC staffs comprise of Dr. Sim Tepmony, Dr. Sreng Sokchenda, Dr. Pec Rothna, and Mr. Chhorn Sopheaktra. They have conducted the overseas mission to IMT Mines Ales, Ales, France from 10 July to 21 July 2022 for comprehensive discussion on the academic program exchange, course content and syllabi development, and capacity building to support master program of Mechatronic, Information, and Communication Engineering toward IR4.0. This mission was warmly welcome by Prof. Françoise ANDRE, the international coordinator of IMT Mines Ales, with fruitful discussion with various teams from IMT Mines Ales such as mechatronics team, AI team, and the Director of IMT Mines Ales.     

The objectives of oversea mission are as follows:

  • To develop course content and syllabi of 11 courses for the Master Program of Mechatronics, Information and Communication Engineering with partner
  • To visit mechatronic laboratory facilities and preparation for training program on Mechatronics and AI
  • To discuss on academic collaboration and reviewing scopes of academic agreement between ITC and IMT Alès
  • To finalize the next mobilities between IMT Mine Alès and ITC in term of capacity building
  • To initiate research collaboration through cotutelle/joint supervision programs for doctoral and master’s students in the field of Mechatronic Engineering.